Probe Inverters

Probe offers a complete range of quality and affordable solar inverters catering to any power requirements – at home or the office. Gain access to a reliable solar power supply with an inverter from Probe.

Solar inverter types

Inverters are an essential component for solar-powered systems. There are 3 different types of inverters to use alongside solar panels and a battery, and it’s important to note the differences before deciding which is best suited to your application:

  • Pure Sinewave Inverters
  • Replicate a typical on-grid power supply that handles large AC loads without interference. Efficiently power your TVs, home appliances, power tools, etc., using mppt solar charge controllers.

  • Modified Sinewave Inverters
  • Modified sinewave inverters work well for smaller off-grid loads like tablets, televisions and wi-fi routers. They are not recommended for more power-intensive appliances, as they can produce interference.

  • Hybrid Solar Inverters
  • A cost-effective hybrid inverter combines the inverter charger with a battery charger in one simple unit. It’s among the best power inverters for home use as backup power can be used during a power outage.

Probe has a wide range of inverters for sale in South Africa, suitable for any residential, commercial or industrial application. Explore our Pure Sinewave, Modified Sinewave and Hybrid Solar inverters below.