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Probe’s Solar Kits

Probe is a leading technology supplier of high-quality, affordable solar kits in South Africa. Our versatile range of solar kits provide a reliable, efficient and clean power supply for homes, offices, retail spaces and more.

Probe’s solar kits include the following components:

  • Panels
  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels effectively absorb sun rays, converting them into electricity or heat for geysers.

  • Inverter
  • The inverter converts the direct current (DC) power created by solar panels to alternating current (AC) power that is usable in homes and business spaces.

  • Battery
  • Stores extra energy from the PV system to be used as backup power when needed. AGM and lithium batteries can be used with system kits.

Why solar panel kits are the right choice

Solar kits are a convenient, all-in-one power solution, with all the components you need to integrate solar into your home or office in a single solution. A kit helps you avoid the hassle of trying to choose the correct battery charger or panels with a fully functional solar kit.

The benefits of a solar kit include the following:

  • The kit comes with all necessary components, including panels, a battery and an inverter
  • You can choose from a wide range of kits that cater to different power requirements and events like load shedding
  • A solar kit is cost-effective, as the bulk cost is cheaper than purchasing components individually
  • Solar kit installation is quick and easy

With proven technologies and service and support across South Africa, Probe guarantees complete solar power system to meet your individual requirements and budget, to provide you with reliable power in your home and office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many solar panels do I need for a 6kW system?

The exact number of solar panels needed for a 6kW system depends on the size of your panels and the amount of sunlight you receive. Generally, you should be able to produce 6kW through approximately 8 panels, depending on the intensity of sunlight.

How does a solar panel kit work?

Solar kit panels absorb sunlight to create a direct energy current. An inverter downstream of the panel array translates the direct current into alternating current and feeds it into your power supply.

What is the difference between hybrid vs off-grid solar kits?

An off-grid solar kit runs independently, without any connection to the grid power system or a power station. Alternatively, a hybrid solar kit system is connected to the grid’s power lines and has backup solar batteries to store excess power.

What is the function of MPPT in solar inverters?

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is built into all grid-tied solar inverters, acting as a charge controller for the battery.